LIFE CHURCH INTERNATIONAL—LIMURU was founded to be a barracks for Christian soldiers as a place where they could rest and receive training when they were not in the active mission field. This was one of the reasons why Pastor T. Mwangi, the founding pastor, launched into the deep to begin the church.

THE TRUTH MENTORSHIP SOCIETY, which existed before the launch of the church, was and is still a platform for effective evangelism and missions to high schools and institutions. As a mission body, there was a continual, subtle cry within its members for a place to call home, but the president, Pastor T, had not yet received the call to launch out to begin a church. However, the cry still persisted.

God, who hears the cry of His people, then releases the burden of a church to Pastor T with the question, “Who is pastoring your generation?” The mandate was simple: raise men who are heaven-bound but earthly relevant (The City of Destiny), and so the pursuit began in 2018.

At first, we scouted different locations until God’s clarity was released for the town of Limuru, with the assignment “God raises altars before He can raise cities,” and this room was found for us in the heart of Limuru town.

On July 6, Pastor T and Claudia, together with a few others, were officially commissioned to go out and begin Life Church, and later that week, on July 9, with the blessings of Apostle David Juma, his wife, Pastor Asunta Juma, and Apostle John Alley, they were officially released to go for the church plant. With this, the building work began, and the inaugural service was held on September 3, 2018. Thus, life at the church began. We have seen the ministry grow from 40 to 70 to 200 and now beyond members, affecting the region of Limuru and beyond its borders. It’s only been a journey of grace and favor